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Now is the time to give your child their first Weapon,

the gift of Confidence, and watch them:-




• Gain in Self Confidence

• Earn Respect from Peers

• Increase Co-ordination

• Develop a Positive Attitude

• Improve Fitness and Health 

• Work as part of a Team

• Gain more social skills

• Behave better at School

• Say No to Peer Pressure

• Deal with the Bullies

• Develop Self Control

• Walk Tall with Self Esteem

• Develop mutual respect

• Learn one of the world’s best Martial Arts



And the good news is we can help you deliver this gift

and best of all your child will thank you in the years to come for giving them the opportunity early on in their life to learn the incredible life skills which go hand in hand with martial arts training and which will undoubtedly contribute significantly to their success in life.







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to arrange a NO OBLIGATION 15 minute one on one Assessment

for your child with one of our experienced and qualified Instructors.


Dear Mum, Dad or Carer, 


Firstly congratulations on viewing this website and coming across the most all encompassing martial art available to your child(ren) designed for the world we live in today. If you are serious about your child learning a truly effective and highly skilled martial art then this is the most important message you will ever read.




Because you’ve just come across four specifically designed bespoke Junior Martial Arts Programs for children aged between the ages of 4 to 16 that have been painstakingly developed over many years to match the physical and mental development of children as they grow by highly experienced professional Instructors who have over 80 years worth of experience practicing and teaching martial arts between them who have a track record of helping parents, just like you, get incredible results from your children.


ADD, ADHD and over active children will learn how to focus their energy and channel their attention to positive behaviours.


Overweight children will lose weight and gain a tremendous amount of self-esteem and self-confidence through the power of exercise and learning self-discipline within classes.


Intelligent children who are bored easily in school, learn to set higher and higher goals for themselves and are given the necessary tools to reach them.


Shy children who are afraid and timid learn to come out of their “shell” and have fun interacting with other children and enjoy life.


These incredible programs are based on the American Kenpo system, one of the most truly innovative, flexible, progressive and reality based martial arts systems in the world.


The Success 4 Life Junior Black Belt School is the junior training arm of the largest American Kenpo organization in the UK, the British Kenpo Karate Union.


SO WELCOME!........ Read on and we look forward to welcoming you

and your child into our Martial Arts family……….





EMAIL US NOW to book your FREE Assessment for your Child!


OR for faster results for your child:-


CALL NOW! 01363 772400


to arrange a NO OBLIGATION 15 minute one on one Assessment

for your child with one of our experienced and qualified Instructors.



We wholeheartedly support the Government’s aim that every child, whatever their background or their circumstances, have the support they need to:-


1. Be healthy

2. Stay safe

3. Enjoy and achieve

4. Make a positive contribution

5. Achieve economic well-being


And the life and martial arts skills your child will learn here at The Success 4 Life Junior Black Belt School will go towards your child fulfilling these criteria.




Still not called or at the very least registered your email address? –

We know you want the very best martial arts training for your child and we

WILL deliver. Watch in amazement as your child:-


• Develops self confidence and self esteem by achieving the individual goals set through our specialized Junior Training Programs;


• Starts to show more discipline and self-control at home with siblings and family members;


• Learns team work by participating and succeeding with the help of his/her new friends in class;


• Is able to intently focus on doing homework, chores around the home and listen to YOU!


Develops physical strength, agility, balance and control, which will carry over into every area of their life. (If your child is involved in any other sports, martial arts are by far the best way to cross-train and increase their physical abilities.


• Become more respectful at home with you and also with other adults he/she may meet in public;


• Makes new friends and fits into new social circles easier than ever before as their new found confidence and self esteem makes being “social” easy!


• Acts more responsibly, follows rules and takes responsibility for his/her actions;


• Improves on his/her school work – our specialised martial arts training gives your child the discipline necessary to study and complete their homework;


• Learns to handle stressful situations more positively – a vital life skill that will help your child to grow into a mature and responsible adult;


• Discovers his/her unique potential and develop it to its maximum through the person attention provided by our professional qualified Instructors;


• Is able to deal with the “Bullies” as we teach them to “think before they fight”, to be aware of and stay away from bad situations and stand up for themselves and only use physical force (martial arts) as an absolute LAST resort;


• Learns the importance of sportsmanship, fairness and getting along with their fellow students, even if they don’t like them (a very important life skill to take forward into adulthood!)
















The Mini Masters Program is a

a fun and engaging class for 4 – 6 year olds focusing on specific social and emotional skills developing basic motor and listening skills.





The Mighty Masters Program is

a fun and structured program for

7 – 9 year olds and helps children build control, balance and memory along with general fitness and coordination. It introduces more substantial martial art skills along with the concepts of focus, teamwork and discipline.





The Major Master program is for 10 to 12 year olds and is based on a detailed syllabi that focuses on improving not only basic motor, listening, and life skills, but will challenge your child by adding more of the practical martial arts training and increasing the level of intensity, giving them an outlet to channel their energy.





The Kenpo Cadet program is for young people aged 13 to 16. Teenagers find this Martial Arts program to be high energy, exciting, and motivating. Your child will enjoy the workout as well as make life long friends built through exercising and training with young people who have similar goals. During this Program your child will be working towards his/her Junior Black Belt and we consider our junior black belts to be more physically and mentally skilled than most normal black belts in similar junior training programs.













Well that’s understandable!

So here we have let some of

our existing students’parents

have their say!


"I have watched my son turn from a nervous shy little boy into a confident and happy young lad, it has taught him so many things, confidence, respect, that he can achieve anything he puts his mind to, and more than anything self worth. I am so proud of him for his commitment to training and extremely thankful to his Instructors for the sense of belonging that is instilled in all students.” Mother of “Reece” aged 9 years.


“Having studied martial arts myself, and having tried other club’s with my son I was very pleased to find the Success 4 Life Black Belt School which teaches its system as a genuine martial art rather than a sporting exercise. My son loves training and has made rapid progress as a martial artist, but what is more impressive is the sense of respect and responsibility for himself and others, that he has developed and he has learnt to focus on a task, however hard and keep at it until he masters it. He’s certainly learning life skills as well as fighting skills”


“My son Ben has made many friends, has leant self-discipline and is respectful to all. My son is autistic and his instructors have engaged and included him fully. Fantastic! - Ben never misses a lesson” –


“Our children started training between the ages of 8-10 years. We wanted them to learn a martial art for self-defence, but have been surprised and pleased at how many other benefits there have been. As they have moved through the grades, they have gained in confidence and self-esteem, as well as earning the respect of their peers. The Club gives them a sense of belonging and has widened their circle of friends. Doing martial arts has improved their fitness generally and this has crossed over into the other sports they do, improving their abilities across the board. They have learnt to concentrate, focus and show commitment. It has kept them occupied and broadened their interests. They have learnt skills that will last them a lifetime. The Instructors are skilful and committed and teach with humour and patience. The classes are a good balance of discipline and fun.”







Ok, so still not sure whether martial arts training is right for your child?


Well, children probably won’t be interested in martial arts if they are not active. So growing an interest in martial arts starts with family lifestyle. Get involved in outdoor activities with your children. Have them watch you when you work out, play sports with them and talk to them about the important of exercise and healthy eating. Being active isn't enough to foster a specific interest in the martial arts. The good thing is that some children already have an interest in martial arts from having watched cartoons or films that demonstrated embellished martial arts moves. They may also be interested simply because their friends are involved in them. An interest in something positive like this is good no matter what the reason, SO GO WITH IT!!






Here are five more good reasons to start your child on their martial art training journey:-


1. Statistics show that martial art training is a great start in life for all children.


2. At times parents discourage their children from participating in martial arts due to the belief that they promote fighting and violence. However, that belief could not be further from the truth, martial arts do not equate to fighting, they do however equate to discipline, both of the mind and the body.


3. Children learn much more about violence by watching the television, playing video games and dealing with daily life than they will ever learn in a Martial Arts studio.


4. Martial arts present a great way for children to keep active and build strong and healthy bodies.


5. Children who learn to defend themselves usually will never have to. They will learn to walk with confidence and be less apt to be a prime target for bullies.








EMAIL US NOW to book your FREE Assessment for your Child!



OR for faster results for your child:-


CALL NOW! 01363 772400


to arrange a NO OBLIGATION 15 minute one on one Assessment

for your child with one of our experienced and qualified Instructors




Our Special Offer to You!


So, of course your first question is how much is enrolling your child on these Programs going to cost you? Well, the cost of training within our specific Programs is dependent upon the age of your child, which Program they sign up for and the number of Lessons they wish to attend a week but on average range between £5.00 and £6.50 a Lesson.


The parents of our existing students who are already enrolled, training and benefiting from these Programs have told us that we should be charging a minimum of £7.50 a lesson for each and every program. Of course we know these Programs, the material being taught and the vast experience of our Instructors are certainly worth that and more besides and it goes without saying that we would make more money charging these prices.


The only reason we are not charging that much is because we want as many children as possible to have access to and benefit from these specially developed age related Martial Arts Programs to provide a positive and stable environment where not only will your children learn to defend themselves but also gain valuable life skills along the way to ease their transition through their growing years into adulthood.


So for a limited time only our Programs are being offered at these reduced rates, but you must ACT NOW, because the introductory reduced rate is a test price and may be raised at any time.


By now, you've only seen a glimpse of the tremendous benefits and value in signing your child up to the Success 4 Life Junior Black Belt School Programs. Grab this opportunity and give your child the gift of Martial Arts Training today!



CALL NOW! 01363 772400


to arrange a NO OBLIGATION 15 minute one on one Assessment

for your child with one of our experienced and qualified Instructors.






   We want you to maximize your child’s chances of success,

so after the initial Assessment, we will also give your child

FOUR FREE LESSONS in their designated Group




once you have enrolled and paid your child’s

first month's Training Fees we will give your Child a  

FREE Uniform and 12 months FREE Membership 

(a total saving to you of up to £70!!!!!) for each and every child



Ready to CALL yet? If you're not, here's something you may want to think about:


• Keep your child doing what they’re doing, and they’re bound to get the same results. It's a proven fact. And to expect different results while they’re doing the same thing is a popular definition of "insanity."


• But we know you're not crazy!! Maybe you're a little skeptical, though and that's OK. Remember, the Success 4 Life Instructors have been teaching children martial arts for a combined period of 80 years between them and have already produced hundreds of highly skilled and well-adjusted Junior Black Belts throughout the UK.


SO, the question is, how long are you going to wait to start your child’s incredible journey in the world of martial arts training?


If we were in your shoes, knowing what we know, we wouldn't in putting your child on the road to success for life by signing up for the Success 4 Life Junior Black Belt Schools’ Junior Training Programs and let us start helping to shape your child’s future.


Don’t delay, give your child the gift of martial arts excellence - not just today, but as far into the future as you like. Take the initiative and join hundreds of parents who have had the foresight to enroll their children and start them on the Success 4 Life path.



CALL NOW! 01363 772400



to arrange a NO OBLIGATION 15 minute one on one Assessment

for your child with one of our experienced and qualified Instructors

at one of our fully equipped Martial Arts Training Studios in your area.


Put these Programs to work for your child

it will change your child’s life for ever.


P.S  If you’re reading this you probably haven’t called yet......So, we thought we'd put your decision not to call up until now in this perspective:-   You've continued to read this far so it is apparent to us that you are obviously serious about your child training in Martial Arts but you still have to satisfy some unanswered questions.   That's OK, but please don't let your child lose out because of your concerns/indecision.    CALL us NOW and put a voice to this page!!  Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do TODAY!!  





EMAIL US NOW and book your FREE Assessment for your Child!



OR for faster results for your child:-


CALL NOW! 01363 772400




You have nothing to lose and your Child

has everything to gain………




S4L Exeter




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